Saturday, January 28, 2012

Balance-Pagan Blog Project

As my first post for the Pagan Blog Project I wanted to talk about balance.   It means so many different things in our lives.  Its not just the balance between light and dark, good an evil, male and female.  It is also having balance in our lives and our hearts.

I know I struggle with keeping balance in my life, between work, study, housecleaning, spirituality, everyday mundane things, and just plain me-veg-out-now time there never seem to be enough hours in the day.  I know I have decided that if I didn't have to work, I would have enough time to balance everything else in my life perfectly!!  Unfortunately, I really do like to live indoors and to eat, so not working is not an option. lol

I have truly been amazed though at how my life and the things in it seem to find a way to balance themselves if I am just open to it.  I've been battling stomach issues that I knew were exacerbated by the varied times my job has me scheduled.  For many reasons, I was reluctant to go to them and ask to change my hours; now they have come to me and offered to make my schedule exactly what I wanted!! It is a loss of approximately 8-9 hours per week but one I can easily live with.  Because of the timing of those hours, I actually free up approximately 20+ productive hours in my schedule.

The sad part of this, is that like so many others, I at first didn't recognize this for the blessing it is. When they came to me and said we want to do this because we know it is too much for you, my initial reaction was negative.  I was unhappy that they had decided to do this, even though they talked to me first and I said yes do it, I was still unhappy because they had made the first move, not me!!  But this is balance- relinquishing control sometimes. I personally feel this was Goddess saying, "Enough already, foolish mortal-I will get this done for you!!"

Balance is not always what we want it to be.  So very often I hear people say, when they have been having a period of good times "I know something bad is going to happen".  These things are not truly bad things, it is the Universe saying, "Okay, you've enjoyed your reward for the last life lesson learned.  Here is your next lesson."

In the same line of thought, some people wonder when their luck will change for the good.  I truly believe these people are either not learning the lesson that they are being taught at the time, or they simply are not appreciating what they do have.  Perhaps if we all remembered the blessings that we have in our lives during the bad times, we could learn our life lessons with a little less pain!

Keeping balance in our lives and our hearts also means recognizing the good with the bad.  Its not always the obvious things either.  When we lose someone we love we think of the positive that they have moved on to Summerland.  But many times the good that can come out of a loss is unknown to us: the driver that sees a roadside memorial for someone killed by a speeding driver who then slows down, the nurse who has a smile for a cranky patient because she saw how bravely her last patient faced their end,  the child who lost a friend to violence and went on to become an anti-violence crusader.  The list goes on...

I really believe that if we just look for it, we can find the balance in even the most negative of things.  Lush new growth comes from the ashes of a forest fire.  There is a plus for every minus, it is up to us to find it and to keep the good in our hearts!


  1. Oh I know the struggle you've mentioned... I'm currently trying to find said balance, but it's fairly difficult since I started doing my PhD and I have to set my own deadlines.

    I loved what you said about the good and the bad; people tend to forget the good things that happened to them too easily.

    1. That's true, but have you ever noticed when we're in the moment, we only notice the bad; but when we look back at something, we only remember the good.
      We could be so much happier if we could keep both of them in mind at any given time.
      Good luck on the PhD. I know its hard, I'm currently trying to establish a psychic business and I have to work at it to keep at a schedule.

    2. True; when I look back on when I moved to England, I only feel the love for the country, my friends, etc. But the struggles of the first few weeks hardly ever come to mind ;-)

  2. I too struggle with the balance; primarily between heart and head, I seek it out, I aim for it, I find it hurts.
    The process is ongoing but the goal is worth it.

  3. Its rarely easy, like most worthwhile things. Though it does get easier as time goes on, you do find your heart and head in agreement more and more often. Blessed Be!

  4. Balance is what we are all really looking for and harder to find, we all need to hear what the universe and goddess tell us, the little hints to the loud shouts!
    Great post, xxx

  5. Merry Meet :) wonderful post. It's funny how things's work out huh? I've found so many times that the Goddess has intervened in my life and made me balance things. I'm a bit of a workaholic :P She will slow me down with power outages etc. lol :))) Blessings

  6. Balance is definitely tough and as life goes on that center point changes, at least for me it always seems to. Great post!

    Also you've been tagged if you wish to participate.

    1. I guess having been tagged will be my Tuesday post!!