Sunday, May 13, 2012

Grief and Grieving-Pagan Blog Project

Any powerful emotion can be used to help motivate us.   These emotions can help us to take our lives and/or attitudes in new directions, to give us purpose or motivation, even to strengthen out spells.

Grief is undeniably one of the strongest of emotions there is.  Its potential to cause great harm or great good is almost unlimited. 

We can wallow in grief and use it negatively: indulging in drugs or self-pity, anger, and lashing out at others. 

Or we can use it to motivate ourselves to become better people or to change something that needs changing.

I am finding grief to be very effective in breaking through emotional blocks to contacting and working with my ancestors.  Like most people, I'm not real fond of everyone in my family, and some of them I really didn't want to spend a lot of time with when they were alive, so obviously, I haven't wanted to contact them now that they're not with us anymore.

But part of grief, at least for me, is regret and wondering what I could have done better.  In wondering that, I wonder if those who have passed over have regrets and wish they had done things differently while they were on this plane. 

For me, this has broken down some barriers I've had about contacting certain family members who have passed over.  I'm going to be taking a class in mediumship to help me learn to contact those on the other side better.

Right now I can feel the presence of some family members at times, though only those that I always felt close to; but I have a hard time communicating with them. I can pick up feelings that they are sending me, such as love and sympathy, but I can't seem to receive messages from them.  And as for initiating contact on my own, forget it! I definitely need help learning how to do these things.

So, my grief at the passing of my little cat, Silva, and the love and sympathy I have felt around me from family members (human ones) I have already lost will hopefully lead me to real communication with those on the other side, both animal and human. 

Blessed Be! . 

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