Tuesday, March 6, 2012

E for Elements-Pagan Blog Project

For my E post I was intending to write about the elements and how they are manifested in our bodies  and spirits, but I had an unexpected energy working that involved the elements, so this post has evolved to focus on just the elements of Fire and Air, with some Spirit, and the energy working.

I have been reading "Druidry and Meditation" by Nimue Brown.  I received a copy from the publisher with the agreement that I publish a review of the book, that'll be tomorrow's post.  One of the sections that really caught my attention was focused on working with the elements as they are manifested in our bodies.

Obviously Earth is our physical bodies, our skin, bones, minerals, tissues, etc.  Water is our blood, our fluids, most of our physical being in fact.  Fire is basically all the chemical reactions in our bodies, digestion, healing, all of the processes that keep us going.  Air is our thoughts, our feelings and just as vital to our existence as any of the other elements.  Spirit of course ties it all together in a not so neat kind of bow.  Please keep in  mind, these are my interpretations of how the elements apply to our bodies, although my interpretation was influenced by "Druidry and Meditation" these are my beliefs only.

Today I am focusing on Fire and Air because this is where my unexpected energy working came in. I have a 17+ year old cat, Silva.  I love her with all my heart.  She came to me approximately 2 1/2 years ago from a very nice couple that could no longer keep her.  At the age of 15, her very first night with me, she caught a mouse.  She then spent the rest of the night tossing the mouse up in the air and catching it, while she was standing on my bed.  I am sure she did this just to hear me go "Eek" and watch me pull the covers over my head.  This cat had some Spirit for an old lady!

That was 2+ years ago and Silva is getting older and beginning to have some health issues.   Last week she just totally withdrew, not eating or drinking that I could tell.  She also did not come to lay with me when I was in bed.  Silva, lately, has been the cling-on kitty.  She is on my lap when I'm on the computer or doing tarot readings.  I wake up from naps and she is laying right on top of me or snuggled right next to me, so her just laying in front of the radiator was very disheartening.  It was even worse when she wouldn't come to me when I called her.  Yes, she's a cat, but she has always come to me when I called her.  That's just a gift I seem to have with my cats.

This started on Thursday and was no better when I got home from work on Friday.  So, I bit the bullet and did a ritual asking Bast to let her pass painlessly and quickly if it was her time and if it wasn't to give me a sign that she needed to see the vet, or to just bring her back to herself.  I then picked up Silva, and laid down with her, so that if she were to pass, she would go knowing that she was surrounded by my love. (Bawling like a baby the whole time, of course.)

As I laid there petting her my left arm began going numb.  There was no reason for this, no uncomfortable position or pressure or anything.  Then I noticed that my arm felt like it was shutting down almost.  And then Silva began looking at me with her full, bright eyes instead of her little half-closed eyes.  Then she began to stretch out as if she were trying to get comfortable. This went on for about half an hour where I could feel the Fire and energy from my arm just pass through my body and into Silva's.  This whole time I could feel Silva have little tremors and see her eyes become brighter and i watched her stretch and rearrange herself into her usual comfy position laying across my neck.  (Comfy for one of us anyway, but I was too happy to care!)   I so clearly felt Bast working with my energy, and using my Air and my focus to make Silva well for at least a little while longer.

Today, Silva is back to her normal self, she eats and drinks and clings to her Mommy!! I know this won't last forever but I am very grateful that the Goddess chose to show me such a clear manifestation of the elements in my body and what they can do, and to give us this extra time together.

I am actually working a daily focusing on my body and its elements into my mediation so that I can keep these channels open and strong.   Goddess only knows what I may be able to manifest next!

Blessed Be!


  1. Brought tears to my eyes. I have a cat who will be 16 in April, and I feel that this is going to be her last year on this Earth. After reading this, I will try harder to comfort my little Furball as often as she will allow me to. Wonderful post!

  2. My cat no longer lives with me. I live in an apartment that has a no furred or feathered pet policy. She does live happily with my mother. She still knows that I am her mommy. She comes to me when I call her, and I'm the only one who can actually pick her up when she is outside.

    I actually prayed to Bastet once to help me reestablish a connection with my cat and to keep her in my family. My family still has her and I get to visit basically any time I want.

    I have used my own energy to heal my pets over the years as well. There were tears forming in my minds eye as I read the post. I hope you hold the time you have remaining together as precious.

    1. I have yet to have an animal I care about get real sick or die even and I rue the day, mine are dogs, and they are my children. I love them dearly, as Im sure you do your Silva, it's wonderful to have connected that way not just to your cat, but to the Goddess, what a wonder sign of "knowing" ! Blessed Be.