Monday, March 19, 2012


I don't really have a lot weighing on my mind this week, some say that's good with such a little mind LOL, but one thing I've noticed is that my pets never fail to cheer me up.  Even when they're driving me crazy.

They love me always, and even though they are cats they come when I call them (though this seems to be my special gift, all my cats have always come when I called them), and they greet me at the door when I get home.  It doesn't matter if I just went to the store for soda, or if I've been gone all night for work.  They are both waiting at the door for me when I get home to say hi.

When I am tired, or stressed, or in pain, they always seem to know the right thing to do.  Silva is my snuggler, she will just come curl up next to me or on my chest, she always seems to know which one I need most.  And Googles, Googles is my healer.  I swear, whenever I'm in pain he is trying to lay his paws on me.  If I have a headache, he puts his paws on my head, when its my back, he will wait til I roll onto my side or stomach and rest his paws right where the pain is. 

Sometimes, especially with the headaches, the little Googles touch can make the pain go away.  Even when it doesn't just knowing that he is trying always makes me feel better.

The great thing about pets is they love you no matter what.  If I'm cranky and push them away they just come back in a few minutes, still full of love, never mad, never holding a grudge.

And they have been priceless to me in some of my down times when the idea of buying a bottle has seemed pretty appealing.   They just know I'm in a bad place and curl up next to me purring.   Googles even stops picking on his much older and much smaller sister when I'm that down and will even just curl up next to her.  Silva lets him do this without hissing, but  only at those times that they know I need double kitty understanding.

So today, my little friends get a shout out and their due credit for helping me stay sober and for helping to keep me as sane as possible. You can't blame them for my insanity-they're only 2 little cats, though they try!lol

Blessed Be!

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