Friday, March 9, 2012


One thing I have found in my sobriety is that I change, and therefore what helps me to stay sober changes.

When I first got sober, and I know this is very common for people in recovery, especially early recovery, I tried to work all the time.  Now admittedly, part of this is for the money, but most of it is because work keeps you busy both physically and mentally. 

You have less time to think and less time to do things that can lead you back into your addiction. 

Of course, the downside of this is that many of us are just substituting one addiction for another.  I know that has been something I've done in the past. 

This time being sober though, its different.  I at first worked a lot, both for the money and to stay busy, but I started to find that just working wasn';t cutting it for me this time.

I really needed to have other things going on: taking classes, spending more time working on my spirituality, hanging out with friends ( I am really a loner at heart so making time for people is always a challenge for me), just other things besides work and sleep.

One of my big interests has always been TV and movies so my one indulgence for myself was satellite TV with the everything package. 

Now that I have almost 4 years sober, I have found I am more interested in doing other things.  I just cut my satellite package to a basic programming with 2 add-ons HBO and Encore movies.   I have also given up some of my work hours.  That was as much of a health issue as a personal issue.

Fortunately I can afford to cut my work hours because as I've developed a closer relationship with my guides, they have pointed me toward doing psychic readings.  I do these through .  I know I've been led to do these readings more to help people than to make money, but the extra money has given me at least a little financial freedom.

Though I do make decent money, I have found that when I am more focused on helping people than on bringing in money, the money takes care of itself.  Thank-you Goddess!!

I know that I was led to this path not only to help others but to help myself.  The extra money is paying for me to return to school, is going to be paying for me to move, probably this summer, to someplace large enough that I can do more crafting and cooking, something very difficult to do in my kitchen with no counter space, and I mean NO counter space.

I know that it is doing these things, the readings, the crafts, the classes both mundane and magickal, that are helping me to stay sober now.  Actually, more than those things its my spiritual connection and having time to really develop that connection, that is helping me to stay sober now. 

So in my nearly 4 years sober, I have changed from staying sober because I was living  in a very supportive environment, a halfway house, to because I worked all the time, to now, because my spirituality is leading me in other directions. 

It should be interesting to see what happens next.  Though I do know that next up, now that my work hours are officially reduced, is working on starting a Pagan Sobriety Group.    I will be posting more on that as I know more.

Blessed Be!

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  1. Theresa this is great, I know that the crafty part of my path has helped me so much to stay sober, I do more, as far as getting outdoors, I like to find earthy stuff to craft with. I love what your doing, and will be looking for the next great change. Blessed Be <3