Thursday, February 23, 2012

B is for Body-Pagan Blog Project

I know I still have an A blog to catch up on, but I was inspired to skip ahead and do the B blog first.  

I know many witches, occasionally including myself, tend to minimize how important our bodies themselves are in spell casting, in worship, in everything.   We tend to put taking care of ourselves on the back burner to jobs, relationships, kids, Facebook, YouTube, you name it- we put ourselves on hold to deal with it.

Truly, our bodies are not just our temple, but all that we need to honor our deities and guides, to cast spells,  in fact, to do almost anything. 

Sometimes we get so caught up in making sure we are using the right herbs and colors, and having the right planetary correspondences, and that our ritual is planned just right and ncludes everything, that we forget-we're witches and the power is WITHIN us.

Lets be honest, we can use the best of everything, with the best of correspondences and timing but if our body is out of whack at the time, so will our spell work be out of whack.

I have cast my most powerful circles using just my hands, no athame, no candles, no anything extra, just ME!  I have also had some of my best results from spells that I cast when I was alone with me and nothing else.

Now I am certainly not saying that using any and all tools available to us is not a good idea.  Absolutely use correspondences, but first, make sure your body is strong and healthy.  When we take care of ourselves physically-exercise, eating right, enough sleep, then not only are we physically stronger, but we become mentally and emotionally stronger.

And lets be honest, that is where the real strength of our spells lie, within us.  Using correspondences can strengthen what we have, sometimes incredibly so, but if we are starting from a weak base (body or mind) we can never really cast a strong spell.

This also applies when trying to communicate with our deities and guides just not as much.  A weakened body will make it harder for us to connect with them, but when our deities and guides want to connect with us, they will make that connection as strong as it needs to be regardless of our current connection.

But wouldn't it be nice to know that we were doing our share to make that communication happen clearly and easily?   To be in good health so we can communicate better and more fully with our deities and guides? 

This is why taking care of our bodies should be our first priority, not only because it will make us feel better, but because it is one of the most basic ways to honor and show respect for the Divine and all that represents. \

Blessed Be!

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