Wednesday, February 22, 2012

D for Divination-Pagan Blog Project

Since I currently work as a psychic, and am trying to build my business this seemed like a no-brainer, which is actually why I didn't write the post sooner.  I don't usually like to do things the easy way, I'd rather write about something I'm learning more about-dream magick for example.  (Yes, that will be the next D post)

However, then I realized that I actually am learning more divination and becoming much stronger at it as time goes on.  This shouldn't surprise me, it happened several years ago, when I was also working as a psychic. 

This time around though I'm learning more divination methods than just tarot, what I've always used.  I have found myself becoming much more clairsentient as my guides just let me know things during  a reading.  The spreads are now much more of a gateway for me, than they are something that I actually interpret card by card.

I've also started working with a pendulum and am having incredible results.  I much prefer using the pendulum when I am trying to use divination for myself because I've noticed the cards usually show what I want the outcome to be instead of what the outcome actually will be.    This doesn't happen with the pendulum.  I've received incredibly accurate results with my pendulum,and can't wait to work more with the energies and guides that are connected with it.

I am also beginning to work with runes and to study astrology.  I am hoping that the runes as I become more familiar with them will provide a gateway to different energies and guides that I can work with.

The best part of becoming more familiar with my guides through divination is that it has made it so much easier for me to recognize when my guides are telling me something all throughout my life, not just when I'm working.  As a recovering alcoholic I always have to be at least a little cautious about which instincts I listen to.  

Working so much with divination has made it much easier for me to know when its my guides pointing me in a certain direction, and when its my disease. This is definitely a good thing, not just for maintaining my sobriety but also for my own spiritual development. 

I am really looking forward to having my relationship with my guides and my abilities grow.  I know that with my inner strength and the support of my guides, and my force of will, there is no limit to what I will be able to do in time.  I've already remade myself and conquered my addiction, that's proof  right there that anything is possible!!

Blessed Be!

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