Saturday, February 4, 2012

Candle Meditation

For the first week of letter C I wanted to post about candle meditation.  This was actually the first meditation I was able to do successfully. 

I would try to meditate and, of course, millions of thoughts jumped through my scattered brain and the kitties would want to play.  After all Mom was just sitting there, she didn't have the tarot cards in the way, she wasn't typing on the computer, it must have been kittytime!!

Then I heard about candle meditation.  Just focusing on the flame of a candle.  This worked perfectly for me.  I had something I could focus on without thinking, and because there was some motion to it, the cats even seemed content to watch. 

After a couple of times of just watching the flame and relaxing I realized that my breathing automatically slowed and deepened while I was meditating.  I knew this was my guides telling me it was time to advance my meditations.  

So, I began focusing not just on the flame and the motion and colors of it but also on the heat it put out.  I would feel the heat enveloping me, just warmth and peace, never burning. 

Next, I began visualizing the color of the candle spreading forth as the candle melted, and enveloping me and my aura in whatever color I had chosen.  If I knew a particular chakra was just not working right, or was closed, I would burn a candle of the corresponding color.  If all of my chakras needed work, as happens sometimes, or if none of them did, as happens rarely!!lol, I would burn either a white or a black candle, depending on my mood. 

Very soon, I realized that just by taking a basic candle meditation and advancing it step by step I had not only become able to meditate, but I could meditate anywhere at any time.  This took a little bit longer to actualize. 

First I realized that I had gotten better at visualization, so I began to visualize a candle flame to meditate on,  even though I hadn't yet lit the candle.  Next, I began to visualize this when there was no candle in sight.  Finally,  I found I could visualize the lit candle anyplace I happened to be when I wanted to meditate: the bus, waiting at the doctor's office, in line at the store. 

Now I can meditate anywhere, and with the improved visualization I learned from candle meditation I can follow guided meditations and my magick has improved too!!

Sometimes it is the simplest things that lead us to the most growth!

Blessed Be!


  1. I know right Teresa,, it is the simplest things, that 's what I love about it. Blessed Be with love and light Kandy

  2. I've never tried doing this but I am definitely looking forward to trying it. There are times when I just can't clear my head for meditation, thus I try the bubble bath (that does work) but to just sit back with a candle flame? Yep, sounds so simple yet, I never tried it! Thanks!